Esri Press books - K12 Evaluation Copies

10-16-2019 12:42 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

Educators interested in complimentary evaluation book copies from Esri Press, may now request ebooks. Esri works with VitalSource, a powerful digital textbook delivery platform that enables qualified educators to examine books with ease.

· If you do not have an account with VitalSource, you can get a free account here:  (Because the platform collects name and email address, this is not meant for minors such as K12 students.)

· After establishing an account, college instructors can get access to books directly through VitalSource. K12 instructors just need to send an email to and request a code for a specific Esri Press title (or titles), then "redeem" the code within your VitalSource account … simple! You can access your VitalSource Bookshelf library via multiple devices, including mobile devices, and your progress and notes sync. It's awesome!

· To view titles and descriptions, you can do it on VitalSource (which will expose books from publishers other than Esri Press, but Esri can provide codes only to Esri Press titles) or check on the Esri website, (which shows just Esri Press titles).

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