Can I make shapefile portal that re-directs to regional apps using Storymaps

02-22-2017 02:00 PM
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I would like to use an over-arching Storymap/Web App (ei. a basemap of Canada) as a "portal" to sub-level, regional storymaps I've created.

For example, I have several storymaps made of the different provinces of Canada. I want to create one over-arching storymap that simply consists of a polygon shapefile layer of each province. When the user clicks on the province of interest, I want the app to redirect the user to the regional storymap I've made for that province.

I'm trying to figure out how to do this with what I know of Storymaps and Web App Builder and am hitting a wall. Do you know a way this would be possible? 

I know I can link apps I make into the text of a storymap, but I was really hoping to integrate that link into a visual shapefile instead. Similarly, I'm aware of the option of making tabbed storymaps for each province but what I really want here is a visual portal. 

Thanks for reading.

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Your requirements can be addressed by Creating a Public Gallery in ArcGIS


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Thank you for the suggestion, but I'm hoping for a more immersive solution. I'm looking to build these linkages into the shapefiles themselves - I want the portal to be in interactive map where you can click on selectable regions, not images in a gallery, to bring you to a storymap. I want people to see where these places are on a zoomed out map before they zoom into it, with easy return to the zoom out view again.  

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