Updates to your Esri Education Institution Agreement

02-24-2021 11:52 AM
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We’re happy to announce the updates to the Esri Education Institution Agreement have been completed. 

The updates include the addition of premium apps for both academic and administrative use, plus the addition of ArcGIS Online Viewer user accounts for administrative use.  

The premium apps add spatial data science capabilities to ArcGIS for visualization, exploration and analysis of data in any discipline, as well as location tracking capabilities:

  • ArcGIS for PowerBI adds mapping, spatial analysis, and demographic data to Microsoft Power BI.
  • ArcGIS Notebooks provide a Jupyter experience optimized for spatial analysis.
  • ArcGIS Tracker enables organizations to know the real-time location of mobile staff.

The ArcGIS Online Viewer accounts enable more administrative staff to have “view-only” access to maps and dashboards related to the operation and management of an institution.

The premium apps can be used with both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise named users, for both academic and administrative purposes.  For information about provisioning licenses to new and existing users, please consult the ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise documentation for managing licenses and the Best Practices for managing ArcGIS in higher education.

To help you and your IT staff understand how ArcGIS Tracker can be deployed in a manner that complies with privacy considerations and regulations, the ArcGIS Location Tracking Privacy Best Practices document is available from the ArcGIS Trust Center.

Need help? Please contact your account manager or highered@esri.com with questions.


Note: Because the Education Institution Agreement includes unlimited GIS Professional user accounts for academic uses, ArcGIS Online Viewer user accounts were not added for academic use.  We recommend providing academic users with full capabilities for the purposes of learning and research.  However, members of an ArcGIS Online subscription can be assigned a Viewer role if you wish to provide “view-only” access.


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