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07-27-2020 05:19 PM
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If you are interested to teach with ArcGIS Notebooks, the Esri Learn ArcGIS Team has released a new learn path with the title Teach with ArcGIS Notebooks, This learn path is intended for Educators who would like to incorporate ArcGIS Notebooks in their teaching/courses.  

This learn path consists of 6 sequential modules:

  1. Enable ArcGIS Notebooks in your organization (PDF lesson – 15 min).   This PDF lesson is intended for the Administrator of your ArcGIS Online, describing how to enable ArcGIS Notebooks capability in the organization. 
  2. Hello Notebook! (PDF Lesson – 15 min).  Learn how to create the first notebook in ArcGIS Notebooks, basics operations, create a map, add a layer and save the notebook.
  3. Teach Web GIS with ArcGIS Notebooks (PDF lesson – 30 min).   Teach web GIS workflows in ArcGIS Notebooks using python scripting methods.  Learn how to perform analysis in both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Notebooks.
  4. Convert ArcGIS Notebooks to slides (Video – 2 min).   This video shows how to convert an ArcGIS Notebook into a slideshow for teaching.
  5. Deliver a class assignment as an ArcGIS Notebook (Video – 2 min).  This video shows how to use an ArcGIS Notebook to deliver a class assignment.
  6. Linking Blackboard LMS to ArcGIS to share Notebooks (Video – 2 min).   This video shows how to share ArcGIS Notebook assignments via the Blackboard LMS.  

This new learn path helps to easily adopt the Notebooks in your course(s).  In near future, we also plan to write another learning path targeted more for students to learn to use ArcGIS Notebooks.

If you need more info on enabling ArcGIS Notebooks in your organization,  read this related blog.

We welcome your feedback! .  Feel free to contact me at ckurnia@esri.com, if you have any questions or need more assistance.   

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Canserina Kurnia is a GIS professional with over 18 years of experience. Currently holds the position of Solution Engineer with Esri Education team. Prior to that was a Solution Engineer and Technical Manager for Esri Global Asia Pacific, and Instructor/Team Lead with Esri Training Services