Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Learning Lab

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Learning Lab


Esri recently released the SDG Geospatial Learning Lab website which offers various resources on how to use ArcGIS applications to take action on the 17 SDG objectives. These readily available resources are free to use for all. 


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Regardless of whether you are new to GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or a long-time user, this site has something for everyone. 

There are two paths you can choose from: the New User and the Experienced User (comin soon) 

For new users, the journey contains 16 videos to follow along and familiarize themselves with the various ArcGIS applications. If you need to collect, analyze, and share data at your organization, you will learn these fundamental skills and put them into practice. 

For experienced users, you can explore the SDG library. This library has various tutorials, blogs, and videos for each of the 17 SDGs. This provides the opportunity to see how other users are advancing the SDG mission with the ArcGIS System. 

Through this experience, you will learn to navigate and integrate web, mobile and desktop applications to meet your organization's SDG objectives. These learning materials will be updated regularly to match software releases and current best practices. Additional materials will be added over the next several months, stay tuned. 

Have a workflow that meets an SDG Goal? Share it with us!