Photo Guidelines for ArcGIS Online Maps including Story Maps

02-17-2017 07:00 AM
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Today, many options exist for using images in ArcGIS Online, including web mapping applications such as story maps.  Choose a method that works best for your situation and needs. I have summarized some key methods in this document, which is a subset of the many methods that are valid.  I have included the use of images in ArcGIS Online, Flickr, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Plus, Google Photos, and Google Drive.


2 Rules of thumb:

  1. ArcGIS Online and apps (including story maps) are continually evolving. The photo sharing tools are likewise continually evolving.  These procedures are thus subject to change.
  2. To be successful with using photos in ArcGIS Online:

(1) Make sure they are your content, or are in Creative Commons or are not copyrighted, or you have permission to use them.

(2) That the photos are shared with the public. 

(3) That the photos are of modest size; i.e. not too large that they will slow down the browser; and not too small that they will be grainy.

(4) That you obtain a URL that can be opened in a separate tab in a web browser. If they can be opened in a separate web browser tab, then they will work in ArcGIS Online.

I have updated this set of guidelines in October 2019.  

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Great summary! Unfortunately, many of the options do not allow for "alt-text" image description to be rendered in the ESRI online apps, in order to be section 508-compliant. 

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Thanks for your continuing help to summarize these techniques.

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I have updated this document today with a section on Dropbox, thanks to Tom Baker for helping me with this section! 

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I added Twitter and Instagram to this document today - 8 June 2017 - I hope it is useful.  

--Joseph Kerski

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Thomas - good point - I know from my web work at USGS that this is a very pressing issue. Someone needs to write a "summary of how to make <all of this> 508 compliant document" - !

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Is this document available to users with public accounts?  

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When I try to access the photo guidelines document at 

I get  "This shared file or folder link has been removed or is unavailable to you."

Has the document been moved/removed?  Or is the document not available for public account holders?

Thanks‌  #photo‌ story maps

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Thanks for updating the link!  It's working now.

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Thanks for letting me know about this! --Joseph 

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On p.10, there is a screenshot that shows a tab that suggests photos can be imported from Unsplash:

I have tried both my public, and organizational accounts, in story maps, but so far I cannot locate a tab for Unsplash import option.

Do I need to do something to enable Unsplash import?  

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