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03-30-2023 04:22 PM
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New: Higher Ed Guide to Esri E-Learning for Planning and Geodesign

The planning field is vast and deep. Planners work in urban, rural, and regional contexts. They work at community and neighborhood scales, or they can work across broad national boundaries and urban megacities. They also touch on themes related to poverty, equity, transportation, housing, climate change and more. 

Data courtesy Boston Planning and Development AgencyData courtesy Boston Planning and Development AgencyMuch of the work that planners are engaged in is spatial! Every issue, challenge, or success is grounded in a specific location and can be visualized and analyzed within that geographic context. Yet many academic planning programs do not include basic uses of GIS across the program.

Planners need a wide array of tools and skills to address everything from grand challenges to micro-community scale issues. There are many ways that GIS can be incorporated into planning programs without  the necessity of specialized skills. For example, learners could use maps and ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World data to investigate the history of redlining and current demographic trends. They could go into the field and use Survey123 to capture street level data related to bicycle infrastructure and stated community needs. Or learners could add context to proposed zoning changes by visualizing what those changes actually mean.

The Higher Ed Guide to Esri E-Learning for Planning and Geodesign can help you identify relevant e-learning in Esri Academy. The guide is a curated, organized list of videos, web courses, Learning Plans, and other learning resources. Brief course descriptions are included along with course catalog links. I hope that this new guide inspires you to incorporate GIS into your planning courses or program.

Improved: All Higher Ed Guides include new ArcGIS Labs

All Higher Ed Guides are updated to include recently published ArcGIS Labs. (Read this blog about the new ArcGIS Labs e-learning format.) As an aid to instructors, for ArcGIS labs that contain content previously available in tutorials, the former tutorial title is given in the new ArcGIS lab's description. 

Higher Ed Guides to Esri E-Learning are available for the following content areas:

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