Learn Team Updates: New Modern GIS, GIS for Climate Resilience series, and new organization

12-19-2022 06:00 AM
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We’re excited to share several updates from Esri's Learn Team, including 2 new curriculum packages, 7 new lessons/tutorials to the ArcGIS tutorial gallery, and 2 new curriculum packages published to this resource site for higher education.

The ArcGIS tutorial gallery (formerly called the Learn ArcGIS website) is now integrated more seamlessly with our documentation site. Learning to use software documentation effectively is a key skill for students and GIS professionals, and we believe incorporating more tutorials (previously named lessons) in the documentation is a great way to support just-in-time learning.

The tutorial gallery has a similar look and feel to the previous experience, with all your favorite tutorials and tutorial series still available in 7 languages to freely use and share. The most significant improvements are reducing the number of clicks required to find what you need and simplifying the catalog itself. More details are available here.

In addition, some tutorials recently migrated into Esri Academy, enabling you to include them in trackable training plans and apply them to professional development portfolios or certifications.  More details are available here

New Tutorials

  • The Modern GIS Tutorial Series is an 8-module collection of materials designed to completement an introductory GIS course and includes both conceptual materials and hands-on activities. It includes web GIS capabilities and workflows such as mobile GIS and building web apps, reflecting the shift of GIS to the cloud.



  • The GIS for Climate Series includes 3 pathways based on the steps to resiliency from the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit and the geographic approach for applying GIS.  Each pathway consists of ready-to-use interactive web apps, tutorials based on real-world scenarios, and examples of GIS work already being done throughout the world to build climate resilience.



As always, your feedback on learning resources is appreciated. We want to create resources that will help you and your students, so please let us know if there is a topic you’d like to see covered or if you’re having trouble with any of these resources.

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