Institutional Agreement ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Enterprise licensing structure

02-13-2020 09:26 AM
Esri Regular Contributor
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With the updated Education Institutional Agreement (former site license), we have simplified Single Use licensing by including the core product and all extensions in one authorization code.  One authorization code now unlocks both the core app and all extensions* for the following products:


  • ArcGIS Pro Advanced (though we encourage a named user license model in most cases)
  • ArcGIS Desktop – ArcMap Advanced
  • ArcGIS Enterprise – ArcGIS GIS Server Advanced


*Note:  The Locate XT and Business Analyst extensions are an exception and have separate authorization codes.


In addition, the Education Institution Agreement now includes 2 sets of licenses for all products:  Academic Use and Administrative Use Separating Administrative Use from Academic Use keeps operational maps and data safe and secure without limiting experimentation and innovation by students and researchers. 

You will see different quantities for Academic and Administrative use under "View Authorizations".


The authorization codes for Administrative Use licenses are explicitly labeled as Administrative Use, e.g.,:

  • Education Site ArcGIS Pro – Education License; Administrative Use License
  • Education Site ArcGIS Desktop – Education License; Administrative Use License
  • Education Site ArcGIS Server Enterprise – Education License; Administrative Use License


The authorization codes for Academic Use licenses are labeled as follows:

  • Education Site ArcGIS Pro – Site License
  • Education Site ArcGIS Desktop – Site License
  • Education Site ArcGIS Server Enterprise – Site License


License files are created on My Esri under the Licensing tab, using the License Esri Products link. Please ensure that you are leveraging this option for any ArcGIS Enterprise GIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop licensing.


To generate Portal instances for ArcGIS Enterprise for versions 10.7 and above, use the License Esri Products link. For versions 10.4 - 10.6.1, the licenses are created using the Generate Portal for ArcGIS Licenses link.  


If you require earlier versions of ArcGIS Enterprise for v10.3-10.6.1, these can be created upon request. Please contact your Customer Service representative for assistance.