Imagery and Remote Sensing Educators Summit: Recordings and Resources follow up

4 weeks ago
Esri Regular Contributor
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For those of you working with Imagery, we wanted to share recordings from the 2021 Imagery and Remote Sensing Educators Summit, along with general resources.

Playlist of all recordings from the Summit is here (direct links to sessions and lightning talks is below).

In addition, as a follow up from the Summit, the following Resources page contains various trainings, tutorials, web pages, and case studies, among other valuable resources.  

We hope you leverage these materials, and please share any feedback on what resources you’ve used, what has worked, and any additional requests for Imagery/Remote Sensing resources.

Last, we are beginning plans for 2022 Imagery and Remote Sensing Summit (Spring 2022 timeframe). Please stay tuned and feel free to sign up for “Notify Me when 2022 opens”.


2021 Session Videos:

2021 Lightning Talks: