Image and Raster Analysis Tools in ArcGIS - Latest resources

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Recently we conducted a webinar on "Advancing Your Curriculum With the Latest Image and Raster Analysis Tools".   We showcased the following tools:

  1. Raster Functions
  2. Multidimensional Analysis
  3. Change Detections 
  4. Deep Learning with Imagery

Following are list of resources for each topic that can be used to further learn about the topic or to adopt them for teaching and research.  

1. Raster Functions

2. Multidimensional Analysis

3. Change Detection

4. Deep Learning


In addition, following are list of general resources related to imagery and remote sensing:  

Imagery Workflows:

Educational Resources:



We will keep adding more materials and lessons in the near future.   Feel free to contact me at if you have questions or need some assistance to use/adopt the above tools/workflows. 

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Canserina Kurnia is a GIS professional with over 18 years of experience. Currently holds the position of Solution Engineer with Esri Education team. Prior to that was a Solution Engineer and Technical Manager for Esri Global Asia Pacific, and Instructor/Team Lead with Esri Training Services