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We at Esri want to build mapping and spatial analysis tools that enable people everywhere to understand the world and make better decisions. To do that, we rely on the ingenuity of the GIS community to push the boundaries of products and imagine new ways to apply GIS in problem solving.

When you have an idea for improving ArcGIS to make it work better for you, we want to know!

ArcGIS Ideas is a forum for requesting new features/enhancements and adding your support to ideas suggested by the community. Esri product teams participate in the Idea Exchanges and shape future products based on community input. For example, this blog outlines how the April 2021 ArcGIS Online release incorporated input from ArcGIS Ideas.

Members of the Education community can and should contribute to ArcGIS Ideas. By working together to define common needs, we can amplify the voice of the Education community. 


For example, several institutions support these 3 ArcGIS Ideas:

  1. Make ‘create group with update capabilities’ a non-admin privilege
  2. Allow users to change content ownership without the ‘View all’ content privilege enabled
  3. Georeferencing in ArcGIS Online

If you think they would make ArcGIS Online better for you, your colleagues, and your students, add your vote and/or comments to give them momentum.

You also can review the Submission Guidelines and submit your own ideas or support ideas in other areas – there are Idea Exchanges for every major product and for My Esri.  And if you want to submit an idea for the Education program, you can do that right here in the Education Community (on the Question board for Higher Education, K12 Instruction, or Administration).

We look forward to seeing and sharing your great ideas!

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