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Gold at SkillsUSA California with GIS projects

4 weeks ago
by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor
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At the SkillsUSA California competition, two teams of students using GIS in their projects took home gold. Gold in the California competition earned each of these teams a trip to the SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference in Atlanta, Georgia later this month.

ToxiGuard Pro

The ToxiGuard Pro team, made up of one recent graduate and two rising seniors, took gold in the Career Pathway Showcase’s Industrial Engineering and Technology sector. They created ToxiGuard Pro – a web app for medical professionals that determines the potential contaminants to which a patient may have been exposed based on their past residences. Their app uses data from the EPA and CDC, combined with data collected through ArcGIS Survey123, and presents findings in ArcGIS Dashboards.

See their project here:



Brush Clearance

The Brush Clearance team, made up of two rising seniors and one rising junior, took gold in the Career Pathway Showcase’s Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources category. They used GIS to prioritize brush clearance areas in Los Angeles County. Their project also included suggesting the best methods for brush clearance based on geographic factors. They worked with Los Angeles County for some of their datasets and found other datasets through online resources like USGS. They used ArcGIS Pro and multiple analysis tools, including calculate slope and surface parameters.

See their project here:



Great work, and good luck!

Both teams did some great work, and we wish them the best of luck at the SkillsUSA national competition!

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