Fun with GIS 299: New Certification

10-18-2021 04:12 AM
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Certification is a big deal. It shows at a glance that one has a noteworthy level of understanding, whether a scuba diver, an accountant, a plumber, a cybersecurity officer, or a GIS user. Technical certifications -- grasp of a specific technology -- are equally important, and Esri offers over a dozen at different levels and emphasizing different capacities.

BIG NEWS!! A new "GIS Fundamentals" technical certification is in development! Subject matter experts created a "blueprint" for the exam, with overall guidelines. Now the organizers need help from educators who teach GIS, and from GIS professionals savvy about "what someone with 'GIS fundamentals' needs to know." The certification is being developed for adults post high school, but this could be much more approachable than existing options from Esri for high school students with strong experience.

A 20-minute (or less) survey is all it takes for you to help. The survey closes Oct.20. The more inputs we get, the better.



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