Fun with GIS 296: Learning Without a Login (update)

4 weeks ago
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Around the one-year anniversary of the chaos and trauma introduced by Covid, I wrote a blog to help educators, parents-turned-teachers, administrators, and mentors see what could be done in ArcGIS Online without logging in. Since then, addresses have changed, new content has arrived, new tools have been released, and many schools and districts now require intense documentation to "protect students who log in." With so much power and content available, we want educators to start first without login ... USE what is already made. Get students exploring and understanding the patterns and relationships of the world, before working to create from scratch. Be active users! Take screenshots to add to your own text or media presentations. Discuss impacts of patterns shown in maps. Study how professionals invite interaction and detailed exploration, or wrap content in a context. Be a skilled consumer, first and foremost. Then look into creation, only when ready. For now, see the updated Fun with GIS 284: Learning Without a Login



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