COVID-19 Webinar Recording: Enabling Remote Access to ArcGIS in Higher Education

03-16-2020 06:48 AM
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Webinar recording: Enabling Remote Access to ArcGIS: Options for Higher Education

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) causing colleges/universities to move classes online, educators are asking how to provide access to ArcGIS software for students working remotely.

This webinar presents options for remote access, emphasizing both on-premises virtualization (e.g., Citrix, VMware) and Cloud virtualization (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Azure). Learn from your colleagues with experience supporting ArcGIS in virtual environments.

Presenters include:

  • Peter Knoop, University of Michigan
  • Peter Wiringa, University of Minnesota
  • Seth Peery, Virginia Tech
  • Jim Detwiler, Pennsylvania State University
  • Wendy Guan, Harvard University

What: Enabling Remote Access to ArcGIS: Options for Higher Education Webinar
When: Thursday March 19, 2020 at 2:00 pm EDT / 11:00 am PDT

View webinar recording.

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Will you be posting this as a video?

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Hi Everyone,


Thanks again to all of our presenters who took the time to share their experiences.

Below are the resources we discussed during the webinar.



  •      The Webinar recording can be found here.



  •      The slides from each presenter can be found here.


     URLs discussed in their presentation: