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06-01-2020 09:00 AM
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From performance monitoring to facility management, from market analysis to territory planning, applying location information to problem solving helps business professionals make informed and competitive decisions. Esri location analytics tools empower your students to learn critical spatial-thinking skills, link theory and practice, and solve real-world problems by using business, demographic, and consumer data.

How can faculty effectively teach principles and applications in location analytics? The Esri Education Team created this Location Analytics in Business Education web page for educators looking to incorporate location intelligence in their business coursework or curriculum. In this web page you'll learn:

  • location analytics tools to use in your courses
  • training sites to learn how to use these location analytics tools
  • data resources to support your research
  • links to curricula materials
  • location analytics case studies and success stories

If you have questions about incorporating location intelligence in your business courses, contact us at or fill out the form in the Location Analytics in Business Education web page.

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