ArcGIS Online Release - moved to April 13th

3 weeks ago
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You have likely noticed by now that the ArcGIS Online release was moved to April 13th. If not, this note serves as an FYI.

You, your students/faculty/staff, will see a red banner message when logged in ArcGIS Online.


If anyone asks: “How will this affect my class work?”:

Of course, as with any release, please advise students/faculty/staff to plan accordingly, as access may be limited during the update.

In addition, there are updates coming up to various apps, but one major update will be the New Map Viewer coming out of beta. Upon login (after the release), users will be given the option to choose which viewer to work with, but the Map Viewer Classic (which we have been using for quite some time now), will still be the default viewer for a while, providing ample opportunity to adjust to the New Map Viewer.

You will see more information as we get closer to the release, but we wanted to give a heads up, in case you have not seen the message above.

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Thanks for this FYI, Geri. For us, the deciding factor is availability of the analysis toolkit. As of the last demo I saw earlier this year, the new Map Viewer hadn't yet incorporated analysis. Will that change in the new release? If not, we'll need to stay with Map Viewer Classic.

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Good question and that is correct, @dibiase_PennStateGIS , the status is the same for Analysis tools - they are still being worked on. @CanserinaKurnia and @BrianBaldwin will share more as they are working on a couple of future blogs in terms of capabilities 🙂