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2 Great Ways to Build your Professional Network

03-31-2022 04:23 PM
Esri Contributor
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Why does every list of career advice stress the importance of a strong professional network?  Glassdoor states that nearly 85% of employees found or obtained their job through networking. 

What may be less obvious is that your professional network also helps you succeed once you’ve found a job.  How so?

Your network is an importance source of knowledge. Rather than trying to learn everything yourself, you can tap into the knowledge of dozens or hundreds of people. 

Social connections make people happier and healthier, improving work performance.

Your network improves your creativity and helps spur innovation. A diverse network introduces you to a wide range of ideas which can lead to new solutions, giving you and your organization an advantage.

Social connections make people happier and healthierSocial connections make people happier and healthier

Two great ways to build your professional network are joining Esri Young Professionals Network on LinkedIn and attending the Esri UC.  We have special conference registration rates for both students and Young Professional Network members.

The UC brings together thousands of GIS professionals from a range of industries. You’ll see how diverse the uses of GIS can be and might discover new career paths you didn’t know existed. 

Be sure to work on your ‘elevator pitch’ before the event – you should be able to introduce yourself and say what interests you in 30 seconds.  Include an intriguing fun fact and be sure to ask others what interests them to get the conversation going.

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for growth opportunities, cultivating strong professional relationships will benefit you both professionally and personally.

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