Web App Builder for Bygone Era & Up-To-The-Minute Downtown Exploration Apps

01-07-2016 12:54 PM

Web App Builder for Bygone Era & Up-To-The-Minute Downtown Exploration Apps

This presentation will demonstrate the ease of implementing a creative, production quality web map application using Esri's new Web AppBuilder, including quick ways to customize and some helpful tips discovered along the way: http://cityoffullerton.com/dtmap.

Downtown Fullerton, CA has a rustic old town atmosphere encompassing several blocks in the heart of the City. This downtown area embraces a vast number of restaurants, stores, over 70 historic buildings, decorative walkways, museums, and a regional transit center serving over 350,000 passengers/year. With so much going on in a confined space, it can often be difficult to find the nearest cross streets for a destination as well as the nearest parking.

Utilizing Esri’s Web AppBuilder, a web application was designed to increase public awareness of the diversity, unique infrastructure and other remarkable establishments the downtown has to offer. Nifty map user tools include customized locators/search, measurements, customized pop-ups, and easy-to-use directions. The intended audiences are both visitors unfamiliar with the area, to aid them in exploring and researching before arriving or while browsing around the downtown, and residents, who may want to explore and see new businesses and restaurants that are constantly changing.

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