Water Rights: Going to the Field with Legacy Data

01-13-2017 08:26 AM

Water Rights: Going to the Field with Legacy Data

Discover how a custom solution for the Kansas Department of Agriculture takes data from a legacy Oracle database and integrate with it to give field users access to as much data as they can handle. Management of water rights is a complicated matter and using the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET helps simplify many pain points for field users as well as office staff by creating an electronic workflow. The solution includes a Windows application that takes ArcGIS data offline as well as a backend Windows service that manages the integration between the enterprise geodatabase and legacy Oracle database.

The previous workflow to manage water rights required field staff to use paper forms which are then typed in the field offices and shipped to headquarters for review.  Field staff also relied on printed material about specific water rights and their historical data as well as printed maps and separate GPS devices for location information.  Once data is delivered to headquarters, it needed to be re-entered into the system of record, which uses an Oracle database.  Documents generated by field activities are also recorded in a document management system for archiving.

The new solution relies heavily on the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET for both the Windows application and service to provide an end to end approach to managing data from the field all the way back to the legacy systems.  The first phase of the project has simplified the overall workflow by only requiring entry of field activities once and delivering data that is collected in the field on tablets to the headquarters systems without re-entry and also minimizing the amount of printed material required to take into the field for activities.

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