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Ready to learn more about making widgets than you've ever wanted to?

Tired of waiting for Robert Scheitlin to make a new version of eSearch? (kidding, he does great work).

Quit sleeping on the job and start sweeping on the job!


In just 25 minutes learn how this humble programmer built a custom street sweeping widget and how you can too! Sure, you could just read up on the ESRI's WAB developer guides like I did, but then you would miss out on all my fun tips. 


From the cradle to the grave - Managing your widgets life cycle

Geoprocessor? I hardly know her - JavaScript processing of multi-page PDFs

Check out the big charts on that guy - Animating charts for a fancy display


But seriously, if you ever use web app builder and want to start digging deeper, come check out my presentation and I promise you can learn a thing or two.

Formal Description

In Maricopa County, street sweeping is a contracted maintenance function that must be monitored to ensure that the job was done right and all areas were actually swept on time. Improving monitoring through use of GPS tracking, web mapping and custom built tools has greatly sped up and improved the inspection process, enabled quick verification of invoices, and reduced costs.

Walking through the steps taken to build practical custom widgets, including valuable tips, time savers, and lessons learned, will be the topic of this presentation.

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