How to Play Nice with Others - Building Geospatial Components

01-04-2016 12:17 PM

How to Play Nice with Others - Building Geospatial Components

Many times as GIS developers we are asked to build geospatial components that integrate with existing applications rather than building the entire application. These components need to be well tested and easy to integrate for other developers. Building a Dojo Widget for another developer is easy enough but what if they don’t have Dojo loaded on the page? How do you integrate your release cycle with theirs? Who’s server should the code be hosted on? How should data be passed between your component and theirs? Here at the Utah AGRC we have built many GIS components for other applications. This presentation will take you through some of our best practices and tricks of the trade that have allowed us to become the go-to-shop within the state government for building these types of products.



We've experienced these scenarios/issues several times over many years -- looking forward to seeing your presentation!

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