City of San Diego’s Story of Undergrounding

01-11-2018 11:23 PM

City of San Diego’s Story of Undergrounding


City of San Diego’s Utilities Undergrounding Program has over 100 active projects across the city in different phases of planning, design and construction. Since the beginning of the Program, over 400 miles of overhead lines have been undergrounded with approximately 1,000 miles remaining. There is a constant need to share project progress with the residents of San Diego through a user friendly interface. To achieve effective communication, Utilities Undergrounding Program standardized its data by normalizing the database and leveraged geo coding and referencing through the power of GIS. The Program recently updated its Master Plan and was able to use a combination of GIS tools to share the updated Master Plan and Implementation Strategy with its residents, council offices and civic leaders.

This initiative has provided a single view of the entire Master Plan, integrated with standardized data which allows real time updates to be displayed on the Story Map. Creating a coherent eco system of data which is visually represented allowed the Program to gather structured public input which enables making data driven decisions to increase efficiency in the production of undergrounding projects and providing tools for improved resident participation.

This presentation will talk about the journey undertaken by Utilities Undergrounding Program to convert unstructured data sources into structured normalized data, effective geo coding of completed, in-progress and planned projects, creating interactive maps in GIS, making data driven decisions and initiating a dialogue between the government and public through ESRI’s story map and survey123.

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