Bridging the Gap: A Holistic Approach to Automation and Web DevOps

01-13-2017 08:10 AM

Bridging the Gap: A Holistic Approach to Automation and Web DevOps

This presentation will focus on leveraging automation tools to produce consistent environments across development, testing, and production with tools such as Chef, Vagrant, and Visual Studio Team Services. Real world examples of deploying Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS widgets in diverse settings will be highlighted, as well as challenges and triumphs of our team.

                Web applications are the most visible aspect of our industry.  Our clients require IT and Security compliance before form or function of deliverables; however we often say “but, it works on my machine.” This stems from an inversion of concerns and can be remedied through a holistic approach to DevOps.

ESRI’s release of the ArcGIS Chef cookbooks offers an approach to replicating a production environment during development.  This encourages a developer to be more thoughtful and efficient and is particularly useful when developing widgets and web apps for ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Online that are distributed to multiple clients in different environments. 

                The end goal is for your environment to move from development to testing to production seamlessly, ultimately giving developers better tools to make better software. And so I never say “but, it works on my machine” again!

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