If You Were a DevSummit Newbie, What Would You Do?

01-31-2018 09:21 AM
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Esri Community Manager

 It's almost that time of year.

As we get ready for DevSummit in sunny Palm Springs, California, we want to help first-time attendees prepare.
We're looking for former DevSummit attendees to offer tips, advice, and share other helpful knowledge to help newcomers make the most of their experience.

Let us know...

  • What should first-time attendees do to prepare and have a successful experience?
  • What should they do during and after the event to maximize learning and networking?
  • What strategies work for you?
  • What do you wish you did differently at your first or last DevSummit? 
Your tips will be shared here on GeoNet in the https://community.esri.com/community/events/devsummit?sr=search&searchId=b3e9010a-4dcc-4ed3-86b8-f53... space, as well as other pre-DevSummit communications over the next couple months.
Post your tips below and thanks for sharing and spreading the word! 
Michelle Mathias
Community Manager, Esri Community Team.
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MVP Regular Contributor

Last year was my first year.

ESRI seems to only announce things like snacks, shirts, or sign up on social media so Make sure that you watch that. I only realized they were giving away stuff by randomly finding it last year. 

New Contributor II

Thanks for the tip, Rickey!

Were the messages from the main Esri Twitter account (@Esri), DevSummit account (@EsriDevSummit), or various accounts intermixed throughout the week?

Esri Regular Contributor

Be sure to follow both @Esri and @EsriDevSummit (Facebook, IG, Twitter) for important announcements, useful tips, and ways to participate at DevSummit! 

New Contributor II

thanks. I appreciate the replies and eagerly await more, newbie

MVP Esteemed Contributor

As with any conference (Dev or UCs), there are some general tips..

  • dress in layers.  I tend to be comfortable in most of the rooms (coming from the north), but others may be cold.  But one breaks, if you go outside it will be warm.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  Although the Dev Summit does not cover the same real estate footprint of the UC, you will still be doing a lot of walking.
  • If you plan to purchase something in the book store, browse early.  And don't delay a purchase if it is something you really want.  Things do sell out.

Dev Summit specific.

  • All snacks, coffee, etc. are in the Primose Lobby (same location as registration and bookstore, outside of Oasis rooms.  In the past couple of years, coffee, tea, etc. has been available all day, not just between sessions.  Smaller crowd than the UC (and paid attendance, vs being part of registration annual maintenance), so that is nice.  I'm hoping that is the same this year.
  • They have handed out free samples of sunscreen at lunch the first day.  Sun is intense, so take a couple even if you don't normally need it.

That's it for now.  Maybe that will get more tips flowing.

Esri Contributor

If you click "Sign In" in the online agenda, you can start reviewing and "starring" the talks you're interested in now. Then when you open up the Esri Events app on your phone at the conference and login, your starred events will all be easily accessible!

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Some additional suggestions, if you have specific questions/issues you want help with...

The dev summit (or UC) can be overwhelming once you are there, with all the activities and options. but is also an excellent place to get tech help if you are having a specific issue.  

Plan ahead....make a list of questions and the points you need to make for you specific issues.  If it's something you can demo on you mobile device, great.  If not (e.g A Python program), think about bring a print out with any error message.  If staff can't help you there, they maybe can set up a tech support ticket for follow up when you get back.

You probably will not get in a location with more Esri tech staff and better Customer-to-staff odds.  So having you questions written down, vs trying to remember them all helps (at least for my aging brain).

Regular Contributor

Palm Springs is beautiful in March. The weather is starting to warm up and reaches comfortable highs of 70-80°F/21-26°C. Dress comfortably. The weather is predicted to be partly cloudy according to Accuweather.com. Also, if you have time, LG's Steakhouse in Palm Springs and La Quinta have the best primer rib and 16oz. lobster tail I have ever enjoyed. Look froward to meeting all of you there.

Palm Springs weather forecast from Accuweather.com