Why does IFieldChecker change the name of OID field?

04-26-2019 02:04 PM
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The documentation for IFieldChecker states that the interface checks for errors in field names.  Specifically, it renames the OID field to "ObjectID" based on 4 cases.  When creating a standalone table in a geodatabase, using the IFieldsEdit interface to create the OID field, there are no requirements on what constitutes a valid name for the OID field.  However, if the OID field is not named "ObjectID" when fed to the FieldChecker, it is changed to "ObjectID".  What constitutes a valid OID field name?  Are there any restrictions on valid OID field names in a geodatabase?  Will naming my OID field something other than "ObjectID" cause issues?  See relevant code below:

    IFields fields = new FieldsClass();
    IFieldsEdit fieldsEdit = (IFieldsEdit)fields;
    fieldsEdit.FieldCount_2 = 10;

    IField field = new Field();
    IFieldEdit fieldEdit = (IFieldEdit)field;
    fieldEdit.Name_2 = "MyOidFieldName";
    fieldEdit.Type_2 = esriFieldType.esriFieldTypeOID;
    fieldsEdit.set_Field(0, field);

    // Add other fields here...

    // use IFieldChecker to create validated fields collection
    IFieldChecker fieldChecker = new FieldChecker();
    IEnumFieldError enumFieldError = null;
    IFields validatedFields = null;
    fieldChecker.ValidateWorkspace = (IWorkspace)fws;  //fws = my feature workspace
    fieldChecker.Validate(fields, out enumFieldError, out validatedFields);    //<--my OID field name is changed to "ObjectID"

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