03-24-2015 02:55 AM
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Hi I am using ArcGIS 10.2 .net SDK to create an Arcmap Addin.

I am trying to print pagelayout using PrintAndExport

The pagelayout margin in the printout is not centered on the page, i.e. there is a large blank space on the page.

Any suggestions? Are there other alternatives to using PrintAndExport?

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I have been trying to get my print pagelayout working by using the IExportPDF interface. Using that method, I can theoretically specify the boundaries and page extent so that my printed pagelayout is centered on the page. The VBA version of the code worked perfectly with everything centered and looking good. If you are interested in fiddling with my code and getting it to work for your purposes, you can find it here Export Page Layout to PDF using ESRI add-in with .

If you do a search for ExportPDF here or at StackExchange GIS then you can find some different examples of codes using the interface. You can also export to different extensions such as jpg using IExport.

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