need help to get a offline features done and get server set up

04-16-2015 02:02 AM
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hi i am new to this and need help to get some feature layers done for offline maps

can anyone help

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Steve, I think you are on the right track posting to this forum but could you be a little more specific so we can help. Are you using ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server, or both? When you say offline are referring to a mobile device taking features offline, editing, and synchronizing those edits? Provide us some details of your workflow and I think the community can help. Thanks and good luck.

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Hi Ben

sorry for the late reply been busy on farm

at the moment i am using ArcGIS online  But like to try Server  when i can get it set up   i have my own AWS acc

Offine   yes i need it so when user  are on Mobile devices   there can  still view and edit data offline and sync when back it cell or wifi range

The  app  is  going to be use for farmer  where i have a outline off the farm  and paddocks

i like it so when i click on a Pdk   it comes up with base info and can add info

a heath and saftey  layer this is like a damage ass layer  where  a use can  click on the map and add Accients  or any H&S  issues  be able to take Pic  etc

A breakfence  layer

each Pdk will be a poly area i guess

i like it so a user can add info  to get the ness data  to get a area fr a break fence to put out

so we have too way to display the data result   in  square meter area

you input the primary fence length  and it will tell you how many meter to move the fence

or a line display on the  poly area to show the user where to place the fence

if anyone can help  i do into more info and picture  to help explain it



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