Job Status on ArcGIS for Server stuck in submitted state

3 weeks ago
New Contributor

Hello, I have a data pipeline using Apache Airflow that kicks off our ingestion process on a geoprocessing server. For the most part things work well, however when the gp server gets bogged down with too many jobs in a submitted state, they no longer move to 'executing' when a previous job completes. They are asynchronous jobs so my question is two-fold:

1) What mechanism triggers the job state to move from submitted to executing?

2) How are the number of asynchronous jobs being executing simultaneously determined?

Right now I have 8 different jobs that are submitted with 0 executing, 0 waiting, 0 failed. They have been submitted for over 12 hours. I have to go in and turn off gp server, then turn it back on again in order to get things flowing again. Why is this?

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