Is it possible to view a BIM model using ArcGIS Web without using ArcGIS Pro

01-18-2021 03:58 AM
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Lets say that I have a Revit file and I want to view it in the map. I currently do it using ArcGIS Pro by

  • Opening the file in ArcGIS Pro.
  • Publishing it as a Web Scene
  • Opening the published web scene using ArcGIS Javascript API.

My aim is to not use ArcGIS Pro but do it directly. I have the file and I will upload the file and the viewer gives me the BIM Model placed in the map. Is this possible using any of the API's?

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I cautious  you on your workflow. "My aim is to not use ArcGIS Pro but do it directly"  As most or "majority" of BIM currently don't have a position. You still need to use Pro to geolocate the file in the "correct" location.   



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