Inconsistency and redundancy

09-24-2019 05:19 AM
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While I still only have little experience in the GIS world, I do have some experience in developing administrative applications. When using a RDMS like SQL server I always try to avoid redundant data, because it can lead to inconsistency. In the short time I have worked with GIS Ive seen multiple examples on "Colletor" apps where the user added new attributes to a feature class (which really doesnt belong there) and the "developers" then created a windows scheduled task to copy the some of the data to another feature class. As an application developer it really hurts to see, and I belive that the users either are using "Collector" wrong og using it for something it wasnt supposed to be used for.

Am I wrong? Is it acceptable to change the datamodel to fit a soloution made in a generic tool? Is it acceptable you have to use windows scheduled task to syncronize data between feature classes?

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