How to group layers in the contents list?

09-18-2017 07:02 AM
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How can I group layer fetures in the contents list in ArcGIS Online, so I easily can toggle many layers off and on at the same time.

Since this is possible i ArcGIS Desktop; howcome it seems like it is not possible in AGOL?

Thnx for any answers.

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Currently, AGOL does not offer this capability.  I would recommend promoting this idea on ArcGIS Ideas: 

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Rightly said by Jake, this functionality is not available with AGOL at the moment. This is under consideration for future release of AGOL. Group layers for ArcGIS online 

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I have figured out a way of doing this in AGOL using Export to Feature Collection in export data functions from a feature layer overview.

If all your feature layers have been loaded as part of the same service you can use the Export to Feature Collection in the overview tab on AGOL.

This produces a layer that you can add to a web map that is grouped.

Not exactly sure what limitations occur but it seems to work like a dynamic map server. It also breaks the connection to the original feature layer so is possibly only useful on layers that you are not updating from ArcGIS Pro or Map on a regular basis

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I would also love to have this functionality in AGOL. 

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