How do we clean up entries in SDE.GEOMETRY_COLUMNS and SDE.LAYERS for non-existent tables?

06-30-2016 11:15 AM
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We are running ArcCatalog 10.3.1  and we have two tables that were deleted by a developer that is no longer on the team. Although I don't see the tables in ArcCatalog anymore when I look at the database connection for the schema owner, I see entries in SDE.GEOMETRY_COLUMNS and SDE.LAYERS for these two tables.  Is there a step to clean up these using ArcCatalog or is there a process to follow?  Should I not worry about this data existing for non-existent tables?

Thanks in advance!

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tagging Managing DataGeodatabase

Also tagging Thomas Colson  other of the Hacking ArcSDE​  blog....since he usually  has some good ArcSDE tricks.   and this will at least give a bump to your questions.

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Create a simple Table from the database end with the exact same name and using the same Data Owner.

Open ArcCatalog and then delete that table. It should remove those orphaned entries.