How can fix the issue for mbtiles?

10-06-2017 08:33 AM
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Hello, everyone,

I have been developing offline map application using ArcGIS Android SDK 10.2.9

I used mbtiles. But there is one issue. I know I can use mbtiles using ArcGIS Android SDK, but my mbtiles does not display on the map.

I have another sample mbtiles, it displayed on the map.

I checked both in spatialite, I have seen these table schema are different each other.

I don't understand about that.

Who can help me?

How can display my mbtiles on the map?

I attached the mbtiles on this page.

Thank you.

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Hello  jin yingmin ,

Same problem here

Have you reached to a solution ?

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Nice to meet you, Ahmet Emre.

Eventually, I have found the reason why not displayed the mbtiles on the map

Because the ArcGIS Android SDK not allows to use mbtiles for small area

I think it is ESRI SDK issue

I hope eagerly they would solve this issue.

So after this, I used mapsfoge SDK for offline map

It does works as well.

We can discuss more details.

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Thank you Jin..

by the way my email is

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