Geometric Networks - ESRI's Water Distribution Network Template

01-04-2017 05:10 PM
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I was just curious if anyone else is using the Geometric Networks in their maps?

For what and how has you experience been?

I would also like to start things off with a question of sorts.

I started with ESRI's default Water Distribution Network. It comes default with 3 Feature datasets; Water, Stormwater and Wastewater. It also has a geometric network prebuilt for each. No rules set but there is a network started. (be warned that M & Z values are enabled by default) I had to rebuild the data sets to get rid of these so that this can be used in ArcGIS Online later.

We had a ton of AutoCAD drawings from a city municipality and we exported everything to GIS so we could load it into the templates. The drawings had a few thousand sewer lateral lines that connect to the sewer main lines however there is nothing in these drawings that says what the laterals connect to the mainlines with ie.. t- fitting or cross or whatever. There is also nothing on the ends of the laterals so I am assuming "Service Connection" based on ESRI template.

So my workflow was this. 

1 - Import CAD data into a file geodatabase

2 - Set up a topology to make sure connectivity was good

3 - Deleted Geometric Network from ESRI template

4 - Loaded all the data into corresponding feature classes in ESRI template 

5 - Rebuilt the Geometric Network

Now herein lies the problem.

There are orphaned junctions all over the place.

What is the best way to ensure that all the open ends of laterals have "Service Connections" on them and that the junctions where the laterals meet the Mainlines have fittings on them?


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