Can you replace EDN license with an Enterprise license?

06-24-2015 03:57 PM
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We've decided to turn a development server into a production server.  It seems that ArcGIS for Server 10.3 doesn't support switching an existing installation from an EDN license to an enterprise license.  The only way I'm aware of to do this is to let the EDN license expire and then replace it with the enterprise license.  Has anyone gotten around this issue in 10.3 or 10.2?

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Hello Richard,

Here is how you can replace the EDN license with your enterprise license.

First you will need access to either a provisioning file with the ArcGIS Server license (non-EDN one that is) and any extensions you wish to authorize, or have the actual license numbers handy.

On the machine(s) where you have ArcGIS Server installed, navigate to C:\Program Files\ESRI\license10.3\sysgen.

In there there is a keycode file.  Simply rename this to 'keycode_old' or something similiar.

Please note there may also be an identical file in C:\Program Files(x86)\ESRI\license10.3\sysgen, do the same thing here if the file is present.

Then run the Software Authorization tool to reauthorize using the new license.  You will have to restart the ArcGIS Server service afterwards in order for that license to take effect.  You can confirm that the license is working via the Server Manager page by going to 'Site > Software Authorization', where it will show you the version, license level, expiration date and any extensions included.