Anyone attending the 2016 Esri Developer Summit?

02-09-2016 11:41 AM
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I've never been - though would love to go!  My employers have been nice enough to send me to the Users Conference many times, but haven't convinced them that the Developers Summit would be educational.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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I'll be attending for the first time this year.

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I'll be there for the 5th year! Make sure you wear comfortable shows as you will be walking a lot from session to session. If you don't eat breakfast at the hotel it is fine because they usually have some kind of breakfast like pastries and fruit and of course coffee. Lunch is usually something really good and  you don't have to go out to eat. Bring a notebook because in some years I got one for free, and in other years I didn't. Don't lose your badge, you are going to need it  especially for the party on Thursday night. They check to make sure you have yours on. Bring sun lotion. At that time of the year is already really hot in Palm Springs. That's all I can remember for now. Any other questions just ask! Cheers

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Great advice, thanks!

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   im taking on the new ESRI administrator position for our company as we are now using more and more esri software, but i have very limited scripting experience...almost non existent...

   would the developer summit be something beneficial to someone like myself, who needs the exposure to a lot of topics covered? im just afraid of a lot of it being over my head and not being to take away much from the experience.

  any and all input is greatly welcomed and appreciated



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Thats a really difficult question to answer. I'm sure you'd benefit somewhat, I just can't say how much. How much you get would probably depend on your current knowledge and focus in Esri technologies compared against what sessions you'd want to attend. The detailed agenda has been posted and you can look through it here: Detailed Agenda | 2016 Developer Summit – Palm Springs, California

As this conference is more geared towards "developers", there are a lot of sessions geared at web programming and app customization (like the Pro SDK). There are various other topics which you may or may not consider advanced depending on prior experiences.

Keep in mind there is also the User Conference, a little earlier this year (June 27-July 1). Much less in terms of developer/code specific sessions. A lot of intro, and "level 2" type sessions. Plus its a bit longer compared to the DevSummit, so theres more "content" and sessions.

Hope this helps a little.

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Another thing to note re: the Developer Summit vs. the User Conference is that if you are on maintenance, you may qualify for free registration at the UC.  The Dev Summit registration is not covered by maintenance.  In case that plays into it.  If you are really new to the software, or the administration, the UC will have more variety of sessions, and the Dev Summit has typically posted some of the videos from the sessions (which my guess is one of the reasons we pay for registration) vs. the UC you can purchase the sessions (usually about $300-500).

I have gone to both....this year I'm heading to the Dev Summit (on my own restrictions for us)....but a little sunshine this time of year is also nice.       The Dev Summit tends to be a little smaller crowd (the size of my first couple UCs) which can be nice.  BTW - there is much at the dev summit that is over my head, but some it right on target for me, and the ability to discuss specific issues with staff is a major plus at both conferences.

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I am attending Dev Summit and not the UC this year. Couple of ways of looking at these events  -

1. The UC seems to be about what esri customers can do out of the box (without writing a single line of code) and DevSummit seems to be all about code. UC is more useful for beginners, managers and for networking for new business, jobs etc.

2.  Also if your travel budget allowed, I would suggest going to both as software releases for Web/online products happen around the year from esri these days and so I see March and June/July as two opportunities in a year to touch base with esri personnel. Tough to get approved but I have found doing both really useful when engaged in projects with hard deadlines.


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Agreed.  I like them both and get a lot out of them.  I find that what a person puts into being an attendee (i.e. prep, a feel for what you need to ask, who to see, etc.) is directly related the amount you get out of it.  No still get info and use, but for a new person, it can be overwhelming. (btw - my comments were in response to Dave T's question above.  I go to as much as my pocketbook will allow...which always include the "free" avenues)

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