NVIDIA Quatro P1000 optimization settings for ArcGIS 10.3 Desktop.

01-24-2019 05:47 AM
New Contributor

Not sure if this is right spot to post, but I'm USAF Pentagon...

Running ArcGIS 10.3 on gov't desktop.  NVIDIA Quatro P1000 video card (driver 412.16), but I don't see it being used (GPU) @ ArcMap/Catalog/etc.  Especially using Spatial Analyst Viewshed2 modeling.  I have a DoD help desk request to install latest driver (391.33), but I believe configuration is incorrect anyway.  What are the correct/best configuration options for this card? Do I need administrator authority to modify? Also, cannot find registry key TdrDelay to modify.  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.



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