MIL-STD symbology in Web Map

04-22-2021 06:32 AM
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I am using ARC PRO 2.6.2 and I can use the Military Symbol Editor to draw my operational overlay graphics.  However, when I want to publish to the web for further review/dissemination I am unable to see the 2525D symbols in the web map (only "dots" are rendered for the enemy forces).  However, if I share the enemy forces layer as a web layer the proper symbols display but loose the ability to edit in the web map.  Can someone shed some light on what I might try/what I may be doing wrong.

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HI Mathew,

Right now there are a few different ways to publish overlays using military symbology, primarily dependent on what web application they will be used in.  This is because some Esri web apps are based on our 3.x JavaScript API which does not have dictionary renderer support, and other applications are based on our 4.x JavaScript API, which does support the dictionary renderer.   Esri web apps built on our 3.x API include Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Dashboards Classic and the Map Viewer Classic ("Classic" versions are what are currently the default in ArcGIS Enterprise up through Enterprise 100.9).   Apps built on our 4.x API include Experience Builder, the new ArcGIS Dashboards and new Map Viewer (these new versions are currently available with ArcGIS Online, and expected to be released with Enterprise 10.9.1). 

If your overlays need to display and support editing in apps built on the 3.x API, then you need to follow the workflow outlined here (Share using ArcGIS Enterprise). This workflow publishes the layer both as a map image service (which can render the military symbology on the 3.x client) and feature service (which allows access to the features and editing from the client).   The Map Viewer Classic will let you add both of these layers (map and feature) to the map and will treat them as one unified layer.

If your overlays need will be used in apps built on 4.x API, you can "Share as Web Layer" to publish your layers as a feature service (from your Enterprise GBD, or hosted) from Pro, but you need to first be sure to choose the web style for 2525D in the Dictionary Renderer.    

I know there are several nuances in what I've described above, so please feel free to reach out to me directly or in this thread with any questions you might have.


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