GeoMessage XML Format Change?

02-15-2017 04:53 PM
New Contributor III

Why does MessageProcessor in Runtime for Java 10.2.4 expect the tag to be <messages> and not <geomessages>.  I am trying to display an XML Message written with the Military Template toolbox, but the app would not process the XML unless I changed  <geomessages> to  <messages>.

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Esri Contributor

MessageProcessor doesn't deal with XML and hence doesn't care what your XML tags are called.

There is a MessageProcessorApp sample app, but it doesn't care what the parent tag is called as long as each message tag is called <message>. If I change <messages> to <geomessages> or even <foo>, it works fine. Is it possible that your start tag is called <geomessages> but your end tag is called something else? I see no messages when that is the case.

By the way, can you please explain what the Military Template toolbox is?