Workflow to prevent unwanted or inintended mass data upload to ESRI service/account?

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Hi All,

I was curious if there were limits or safeguards in place from ESRI or documented ways to prevent mass data upload to servers, databases, or content pages; malicious or otherwise? For example, tens or hundreds of gigabytes, perhaps even terabytes if sizes are capable of such on certain platforms, or uploads in the millions of items being suddenly added to an ESRI feature service, database, or content page on AGOL. Besides bogging down or charging an unexpected amount of storage credits via AGOL/Enterprise, this scenario would theoretically break existing maps, apps, and dashboards and is a concern. My curiosity is about having a limit on amount or size (GB or # of features etc.) of data being uploaded, sent, or made into an ESRI databases, apps, or services, as well as what kind of actions can be taken if such an upload is successful besides backups and system services offsite. I look forward to the discussion!

Much appreciated, God bless,


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