When re-classifying raster data symbology and labels reset

01-11-2012 08:29 AM
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I believe I am writing this to verify something not possible, and if so will be putting it in the "suggestion box."

Does anyone know how to change a classified value on a raster without wiping out all of the existing custom symbology and label text?  PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT.  It can't be done with a .lyr file.  You can't save, edit, and then re-load your class breaks.  Any change to any one classification wipes out all custom data for the entire raster.  Ideally - there would be a way to adjust these values through a .lyr file prior to importing the symbology, or using the save/load class breaks.  While I only had 9 class breaks, I had 26 available but on this task but merged some, and surely others out there have tasks with larger quanitles of classification needs.  It seems very impractical to expect one to remember or handwrite their custom colors, RGB values, etc.  If there is a way to automate this or simplify this please pass along.  THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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