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08-03-2011 11:07 AM
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I am working on building a geometric network for our sewer data.  I have built the network and set up my connectivity rules.  Now, I am trying to validate the features and I keep receiving this message: "Validation of Features Failed."  I cannot find any documentation on how to correct the issue.

I am using ArcEditor 9.3.1 SP1 and working in a file geodatabase.  Any tips would be great, thanks!
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I've never seen this error with Validate Features, I suggest you contact Technical Support so they can investigate your case and look at the data to try and determine the cause of the error.
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Recently, I had also received the same validation error in ArcMap 10.2.

The problem was with my Fittings feature class participating in geometric network.


1.     Repair Geometry will Not solve the problem.

2.     I deleted the geometric network.

3.     Rename the existing Feature Class with validation error like "Fittings_1".

4.     Export "Fittings_1" feature class to new feature class with the same name like "Fittings" and in the same feature data set.

5.     Check Validation on some features of new "Fittings" feature class in ArcMap without creating Geometric Network.

6.     When OK. Recreate Geometric Network.

7.     Check Validation again on some features of new "Fittings" feature class.

8.     Define Connectivity Rules and Weights, if required.

Good Luck!

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