Upgrade GeoDatabase issue. Trouble to connect to sql 2005 ArcSDE geodatabase.

11-01-2011 02:18 AM
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Aim :Upgrade GeoDatabase issue. Trouble to connect to sql 2005 ArcSDE geodatabase through direct connection to SqlServer DB using ArcCatlog 10.0

I need to upgrade several spatial data into ArcSDE 10 Databse,the data I took from ArcSDE 9.3.1 configured Sql Server DB as backup. I restored the same database into a different name.
I decided to upgrade these spatial data  into ArcSDE 10 configured SQL Server 2005. I am using ArcCatalog 10 for doing this. When I connected to the old Sql Server 2005 db using SpatailDataConnection utlity provided in the ArcCatalog 10, I got the error message as shown in the Attachment.

I tried to install the 9.2 Direct Connect Driver in the same machine where Arc Desktop 10 is residing. Because of ArcDesktop 10 is residing on the machine I cannot install the Direct Connect Driver.

Is there any method to resolve my problem?

thanks in advance
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SQL Server/ArcSDE geodatabase "must" be restored with the same database name. If the restore is being performed on the same SQL Server instance where the backup was taken, then a new SQL Server instance is needed for the restore operation. The stored procedures, functions, etc are tied to the database name. An sde connection to the geodatabase will fail if a database is renamed or restored in a different name.

You can subsequently set up a direct connection using information from the following link.


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