Understanding of SDE Admin Account + User Privileges

04-19-2011 11:58 PM
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I've a lack of understanding about the arcgis administration (particular in PostgreSQL 8.4).
- Only the ArcSDE user sde can use the sde admin tools (sdelayer, sdetable, ..)
- Only the Schema-User can register it's own tables

so in fact, either the schema user has to know the arcsde admin password (dangerous) or the user has to ask the arcsde admin everytime he creates a new table out of a direct database connection. (OK, or third the admin IS the user 😉 )

Is this known and volitional or is it just because I didn't get the basic prinicples of ArcSDE ?


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Esri Esteemed Contributor
I haven't ever used 'sdelayer' or 'sdetable' with '-u sde' (I was certified as an SDE instructor
over 15 years ago, before the 'sde' user was introduced at 3.0). Conversely, I've never used
'sdedbtune' or 'sdeconfig' as any user other than "sde".

The "sde" account exists to manage ArcSDE server configuration. All table management
(DDL and registration) should be done as the data table owner(s) (which should not ever
be "sde"). Any user with sufficent access (granted by the owner) can do DML operations.

- V
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