The version could not be posted in Default : network I/O error - Need Urgent Help

06-26-2013 07:40 AM
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I am having frequent I/O errors, as reported by ArcMap / ArcSDE, and frequent reports of "Another application is currently editing the version." Both of these reports are connected with reconcile / post failures. There are also frequent ArcMap crashes. It's getting to the point where productivity is seriously impacted.

ArcSDE 9.3.1 SP2 / Oracle 

I will appreciate any suggestions regarding possible causes and cures.
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Original User: crafty762

Are you using the ArcSDE applicaton service to connect to the geodatabase?  Usually, I/O means that the service is not responding or accepting new connections and it must be restarted.  Before doing this, copy your giomgr log file to a backup location to review its contents before you restart the service (restarting the service clears out the log file). 

The out-of-memory error you provided may be a bit harder to troubleshoot.  However, depending on the specific version/service pack/patch level of ArcGIS you are using, the following bug may apply in your situation:

NIM010472 - Post fails when editing the DEFAULT version and a feature class registered with the move edits to base. "The version could not be posted. The current version does not support editing (base, consistent, or closed) [An open transaction was detected. All user transactions must be closed prior to StartEditing.] Network I/O error".
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