Tele Atlas house number ranges: L_F_HNR vs. L_F_F_HNR fields (both with issues)

09-26-2011 01:18 AM
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I'm building a custom address locator based on Tele Atlas data and the dual range address style.

I'm having a problem with the house number ranges. Two kind of fields are available: the L_F_HNR fields and the L_F_F_HNR fields. The first contain '-1' values, which give some nasty incorrect 100% match results: see attachment

The other fields do not contain -1 values, but some ranges have non numeric fields. Example: from '12B' to '24'.

Is there a way to filter out these problematic fields while building the locator? I don't want to alter the reference Tele Atlas data as I expect the locator to be able to deal with the common used Tele Atlas data as is.

A selection clause could only filter out some records with both left and right ranges having -1 values.

Can I add some rule in the address style xml to replace -1 values?
Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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