Status of both Geodatabases is Data Receiver in a 2-way Replica

10-11-2012 06:25 AM
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In a two-way replica...the status of both the geodatabases shows as Data Receiver, due to some error in the workflow.

Is it possible to change the status of any one of them to 'Data Sender'?

ArcGIS Desktop 10.1, SDE 10.1, SQL Server 2008 R2
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Yes, you can.

What has happened is that one of the Replica's exported their data changes with the option "Switch Roles", but then those data changes were not imported (yet) by the relative replica.  This is ok. 

Let's say we start with the replica's in the following roles:
    GDB 1 = Sender
    GDB 2 = Receiver.

GDB1 exports dc's with the option to "Swith Roles".  So the roles at the END of the export are:
    GDB 1 = Receiver
    GDB 2 = Receiver

==== THIS IS YOUR CASE - both replicas are RECEIVERS, this is OK ======

When GDB 2 imports the dc's - then it will switch roles and become a SENDER.  So, after importing dc's
    GDB 1 = Receiver
    GDB 2 = Sender

So - to fix your case
1) If you have the latest DC message, simply import it to the appropriate replica
2) If you do not have the DC message - it can be recreate using the "Re-Export Unacknowledged Changes" command/gptool (note: different from the Export Data changes message" command)

If you are unsure of which replica geodatabase needs to do the re-exporting, an easy way to do it, is to simply open the Re-Export Unacknowledged messages command in Catalog.  The tool will filter all but those replica's that are able to re-export.  Only one of the gdb's will qualify.

Hope this helps -
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The problem is that, I had sent the Export Message, but the other user was not able to Import the same due to some error in the file.

I will try Re-Export Unacknowledged Changes and lets see if that works!

Thank you for your reply!
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We have a similar situation with the following specifics:

We are at 10.1 and hold the child DB currently a data receiver.
Remote location is on version 10 and has the Parent DB also a data receiver.

I've tried re-exporting unacknowledged changes as the thread suggests and when I import it into their db the result is an error that indicates "Generation #'s are out of order"

any help is apprecitated
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