Requirement for setting up a multiuser geodatabase

05-07-2013 04:49 AM
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I am  working for a public Institution. I am a GIS manager and I am a  a new user of ArcGis server products. My unit have 10 GIS staffs and I would like to advise my Boss to set up a multiuser geodatabase in our Institution. We have already ArcGis desktop 10.0 licenses and ArcGis server Standard Enteprises running. We can already creates and publish map services. What do we need else to use the ArcSDE technology ?
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Your question is so generic, that I think most people will have a hard time answering it. There's plenty to suggest, but I think you should do better to start thinking about what it is you want to do with your current setup, and read technical and marketing documentation by ESRI to get some feeling of what is possible, e.g. read the pages under "Products" and for example "Business Analyst", "Production Mapping", "ArcGIS for Aviation", "ArcGIS for Maritime" etc. depending on your organizations main focus.

Anyway, for a more detailed technical insight into ArcSDE Technology, you may find this recent document by myself, posted in another thread, interesting to read.

"The ESRI Geodatabase Framework"
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If you've got the ArcGIS Server license, then all you need to get started with enterprise
geodatabases is:
1) Database management software (a version supported for ArcSDE use)
2) A skilled database administrator
3) Enough data to justify the expense of 1 and 2

- V
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Hi Bigirimana,

What do we need else to use the ArcSDE technology?

Just to add onto the other responses, ArcSDE technology in multi-user geodatabases enables you to do versioning to support long editing transactions, which is very common in GIS editing workflows. Some resources:

> Multiuser Functionality in geodatabases
> Versioning 101 - ArcUser article

Hope this helps,
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